Friday, September 14, 2007

So what happens...

once you used all your alloted space for photos here at blogger? I've been thinking about switching to typepad, but I'm too damn cheap too actually pay for a service like that! LOL

Doug was diagnosed with a Bronchial infection yesterday. Good thing he went in when he did or he would probably be in the ER tonight with an Asthmatic attack. He stayed home thursday & today playing hookey.. ;)

I don't have much tonight.... excpet this goofy pic.


  1. I love that photo :D Congrats on winning a prize too.

  2. oh, my dd is the same way- climbs like a monkey! It'll be great to scrap!

  3. great picture look how proud she is of herself!!!LOL
    and CONGRATS on winning your a lucky girl!!
    and your layouts are not CRAPOLA stop your silly self!you must of caught Doug's infection!!get some rest girl! and i won't send you anymore CJ's til Oct so get moving :)


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