Monday, September 3, 2007

Man, two long days in a row

what the heck is up with that?
Doug got up with the chillins this morning. Fed them breakfast. I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and that's when things started getting busy.

I rearranged the medicine cabinet, Vacuumed, sorted laundry, started laundry.
Vacuuming took forever since Doug broke my Dyson. The handle you pull out to get nooks n crannies with - well, bent that so it won't go back down where it suppose to. Makes it take twice as long... I'm still kind of in shock that my $500 vacuum is broke. sigh

Katelyn surprised me today by asking me if I wanted to scrapbook with her today. I'm all in for scrapping, and just so stoked she wanted to sit there and scrapbook with me. We figured out which photos she wanted to scrap, printed them off, and she went to find some paper in her 'stash' to use. It was so fun having her sit here with me. I'm going to open up her an account over at TS so she can upload her layouts and stuff to. I really want to get these scrapbooking claws dug in real good to her ;)

Here are our layouts from today.

*lovin' u*
Me and Katelyn when she was just about 1 1/2.
Feels good to dig into those old photos.

Katelyn's layout.
*Biker Babes*

Leave my girl some praise :D
See ya'll on the morrow!! I'm ready for some of DH's birthday cake and toffee icecream!


  1. Both layouts are wonderful!! How great to scrap with your daughter!!

  2. Katelyn, your biker babes layout is terrific!! Looks like you & your mom have a talent in common!

  3. Happy Birthday to the hubby! Wow, the layouts rock scrap genius!

  4. what great Lo's!! Love Katelyn's....she's already a rockin' scrapper!!


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