Sunday, September 9, 2007

I *hate* headaches

I've had this one for two days now. Guess I will give in and go take some ibuprophen. HA! It just dawned on me that the headache may be reading induced. I grabbed The Serpent Bride by Sara Douglas friday, and haven't put it down til about an hour ago when I finished it. What a GREAT read... especially if you've read the other Starman books. I've hardly been online at all this weekend. That's probably what it is.

We went over to my mom's house this morning for coffee, and so the kids could give my mom the arrow album I made for them. Mom loved it, so I'm glad all that hard work didn't go to waste. She's looking at buying a new house *insert eyeball roll here* and getting herself into more debt. It's hard to sit back and be supportive without adding judgement and my own opinions into the mix. After she gets off work today, I'll be riding over with her to look at the new house she's looking at. It's actually owner financing for two years, then they go to the bank to get it approved and in their own name.

Mom only lives 8 minutes from me now, and we hardly ever see each other. When/if she gets/moves into this house, she roughly be 30 minutes away. It's likely I'll probably only see her once a month! sheesh. I hope one of these years I can let the resentment I hold in my heart for, go. I'm tired of feeling it weigh against my heart and mind. Maybe, too.. she will realize all the heartache she's caused for me, and too, all she has lost while doing so. sigh.

I haven't scrapped a bit since Thursday, and feeling quite uninspired, hoping I can sit down tonight though and crank something out fabulous to make me smile. Here are my latest creations from thursday.

*zerbert attack*

*close up*

*junk in my purse*

BG mellow mixed with Love, elise Jack+Abby - yummy!

Off to take something for this headache.

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