Friday, September 28, 2007

Max & Ruby

That's all my middle child wants to watch.
I know the theme song. and her favorite episode is the one where she goes over to babysit and make sure Baby Huffington stays asleep while his mommy tends the garden.. and then this new toy of Ruby's goes off saying, WAHHH WAHHHH WAHHHH. (almost waking up baby huffington)
and that's exactly what I feel like shouting right now.

I was trying out for another Design Team with a huge online store. I think my chances were really really good, and noticed that in their terms, you can not be on ANY other DT unless it is with a manufacturer. I emailed the owner to clarify, and they confirmed. Oh well, right? I can always try again when the new DT term becomes available. I know a girl is going out for the DT there and in the last month made a DT and is still trying out for this one. It really bugs me. Really does. Can someone please tell me how to let this shit go so it doesn't affect what friendship we have? I have this big thing about honesty, so it will slowly drive me nuts if I do not let it go now.

Perplexed, cramping, and in need of a shower.. I leave thee! *snort*

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  1. hey thanks for reminding me to update my blog!its easy to update it when I scrap i've been funky lately!!can't shake it :(

    We should get your little one with Aaron and we can have a Max & Ruby party!!Aaron is obbessed with it!!all day TIVO watch it again i want to watch 5 of them. What i want to know is where are there parents????
    okay sorry for the long story...


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