Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have a secret... ohhh I love secrets, I really DO!
Its just so hard when you can't TELL someone.
I would of course, not tell a friends secret... but when its one *I* have to keep - I don't know.. it is just different, and I wanna tell anyone I can *wink*

So, now I'm excited for Granparents Day to hurry up and get here so I can give my mom & step dad the arrow album (it's posted below) - I also have a hard time holding on to gifts I buy for someone I love. I'm doing amazingly well not giving in, and giving DH his bithday presents considering I've had them hid going on two weeks now!

I joined the community over at EBB a couple of days ago. What a friendly group of people, I've taken off my shoes so I can stay awhile... I prefer to be barefoot. ;) Anyways, I played BINGO there last night for the first time, and actually won the first game!! How cool is that? I won American Crafts thickers (chipboard black) and some CI rub ons. wicked. They hold bingo on the last Wednesday of every month. The more people who join in, the greater value of the bingo prizes. They just upgraded their forums/gallery too.. its awesome!


  1. Tell ME your secret... I can keep it! Argh - I just hate it when someone has a secret and I don't know it, lol.

  2. Congrats on the bingo winning! Hope you don't explode from having to keep your secret! I hate keeping secrets!

  3. Tell one of the helps you from exploding LOL

    BTW I do believe in ghosts...seen some stuff first hand that can't be explained any other way ;)

  4. Leah i want to know,hey i belong to EBB just never active i have to go check them out,hugs,Rosa.

  5. You can tell me your secret ;)

  6. whooo on BINGO!!i will have to rememeber to play this month!Enjoy your goodies girl!!


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