Thursday, August 9, 2007

in the raw

How inspiring the ladies at TallyScrapper & Scrapjack are.

The ladies at tallyscrapper encouraged us to take a photo without make up.. no worries, right? Exactly right! I hardly wear the stuff anyways, and wth, I did it. Katelyn and I went outside this morning straight from my shower and snapped a few photos. No make up, hair not done, just me, myself, and my earrings! The jack dare of Meghan Dymock, made me want to scrap this photos we took this morning, so I got right to it.

A little hybrid scrapping, a bit grungy, inked all up.
I'm so happy with it!!
I hope this speaks volumes to my daughters as they grow up.
Snack time, gotta go!


  1. I love this layout, Leah!! It is so cool, I love the different pics with the different "sides" of you. I skipped the last two scrapjacks, the first because I was too LAZY, lol, and the second, I just cannot wrap my mind around doing it, it is SO NOT ME! You know?! LOL! But i just adore yours, you did a great job on it!

  2. Leah love this layout!you did an awesome job on the SJ!I think you look sexy without make ;)


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