Friday, August 17, 2007

Found Dog!

Medium build, white with cream patches, wearing red collar, friendly. Found near the NL swim club! Please oh please come forward doggie owner!

So, that’s kinda what the flier said this morning when we were pounding them in the poles at all the entrances/exits leaving our ginormous neighborhood. We left one in the store at the bottom of the hill, hoping someone will spot their lil baby and call…. the bank wouldn’t put one in their drive through window. Our newspaper in town lets you put free lost/found ads in the paper, so we put an ad in that will run for 3 days starting tomorrow.

It was cute, Katelyn came running in the house last night yelling, “MAMA, a dog followed me home and is barking to come in with me!” Say wha? Sure enough, we get up and there is this dog, just wigglin and a wagglin his tail, flappin that big ol tongue outside his mouth, begging to come inside. The weird thing about it all, is that because Katie befriended it, even her going outside didn’t deter the pooch from wanting in. It was just so weird.

We gave him some water and closed the door. He stood there barking at the door for a few minutes and then it quieted down. Katie looked before she went to bed and he wasn’t there, so we figured he made his way home. (Which, this is the second dog that’s come to us for help this week!! The other dog we found, we knew where he lived so K took him back to his momma)

Wake up this morning, let the dogs out, I go out to have a smoke, and there is that dog, just standing there looking up at the front door. Don’t know what’s up with that. Sigh. I took his picture and made the fliers…. and here I am. Waiting on a phone call from someone I don’t know wanting to claim their pooch. I sure hope it goes down that way. We really can’t take on another dog.

How long should we wait to take the dog to the pound? Doug is thinking about a week….

Oh yeah, power went out during lunch today, and it’s suppose to get in the upper 90’s again today. After an hour you could really tell it was getting hot in the house. Some circuit blew and had about 3,500 customers without service. They got it up pretty quickly though, thank goodness for AC!!

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