Sunday, August 19, 2007


My husband, tech nerd that he is, is the absolute most wondrous man on earth!! Smart, brilliant, plain adorable and I love him so much!!!!!! He was able to fix my server, get the raid array half way stable, and did a deep scan and was able to find my files. Hundreds of thousands of graphics, tags, tubes, documents, just gobs of stuff... he found them!!! And now, I'm also the proud new owner of a SILHOUETTE that is running on my VISTA operating system.

It's been a pretty good weekend!!

Except for when Samantha got her big toe caught in the door... now the toenail looks white, and beneath it is purply... eek. I think it's going to fall off. I'm thinking about taking her to the doctor tomorrow.. I don't know how to care for a toe without a toenail on/falling off!!! eeks.

**doggy update**His name was DeOhGe (D O G) get it? Quite cute, and If I ever get another dog, I'll be naming him/her that too. They called Friday evening and came by and showed me a photo of their little darling proving that he was theirs. Guess fliers really do work! They live about 1 mile from us, so I'm really happy he didn't get hit along the way, and of course, that he's back home where he belongs.

Finally got a chance to scrap a little this morning, altered a few things and Katelyn is just plum tickled. Here's a clipboard we got for .89 cents @ walmart on friday.

and a wee lil .39 cent notebook. She took orders for lunch on it today and made us sandwiches and served us our food on a plates, also made orgami napkins. Maybe she'll do it again soon so I can remember to take a photo ;)

I LOVE the new Heidi Swapp Cherries bling.. so dang cute!


  1. Leah, that is so awesome that the owner's saw your flier, he is cute, and that is the coolest name EVAH for a doggie, I'll have to remember that!

    Love the altered items, great job!! That HS cherries bling is pretty darn cute!!

  2. Awwww...glad the doggie is home safe and sound. It sure was nice of you to go looking for his home. Gorgeous altered items too! Good job!!

  3. Love that someone claimed that sweet dog! I bet they missed him terrible!!

  4. Glad to hear that doggie is back home. Love those altered items - gorgeous work!

  5. I'm glad the owners saw your fliers! My old bosses used that name for their dog :) It's cute!

    Ohhh I LOVE the cherry bling! I'll have to go find some :)


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