Tuesday, August 14, 2007

not for sale anymore

ETA: it was sold!! YAY!
I've decided to let my BLUE wishblade go. Gently used, works great, 8 months old.
Wishblade Unit
Instruction Manual
2 BNIP Cutting Mats
Power Cable
AC Adapter
USB Cable
2 Blade holders
2 Blade adjustment caps
3 O-rings
Wishblade Software CD-ROM
Quick Start instruction Guide
Wishblade Every day Starter Set
Wishblade Custom Collection Shapes, Junkitz Shapez

I would like $185 plus actual shipping. email me for more info.
I accept Paypal.


  1. Hmm, I have one I haven't even used in the what, two years, that I've had it!! Horrible, aren't I? I keep saying I want to learn how to use it, but I am just TOO darn lazy!!! Ack! Good luck selling yours!

  2. If you still have a Wishblade, and are interested in selling, I would like to know what you are asking for it. I am an avid scrapper on a shoe string budget due to my taxes having gone from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars and having 2 boys in college.



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