Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you believe in


This past Sunday, I was preparing the children's lunch, putting them in their highchairs, and Doug started walking about the house, picking up toys. That is a process of going back n forth, back n forth from room to room putting them all away. lol Anyways, after about 5 minutes he walks in the dining room and asks me, "You messing with me woman?"

I was like, "No, wtf?"

He said he walked into Samantha's room, put toys in there and turned the light on (by the switch on the wall.. we have ceiling fans, and try to leave the lights on in both bedrooms so the kids will go back there and play on their own) and left the room to get another armful. He came back, turned the light on, distributed more toys, and was like.. hmmm?! Left, came back with more toys, and this time noticed for sure, the light was OFF again. He knew for sure he had left the thing on a minute ago when he left. Weird, right? He does one more trip with toys and sure enough, the light was off again. That's when he came in and asked me if I was messing with him!

He said I gave him a look that portrayed he has lost his sanity, but I didn't think I did. Just kinda spooky. I just tried to reassure him that maybe he just turned it off without really thinking about, kwim? (Kinda like when you're looking for keys, and you're actually holding them in your hands kinda thing)

Anyways, we've been recording BB8 afterdark. I watch it in small doses through-out the day, and when I leave the room, I pause it. Well, earlier this morning I went into the bathroom, both little kids in tow following me, as soon as I sat down on the toilet, the damn TV started playing. Doug was at work, Katelyn at school, and both little ones with me. The dogs were outside, and the cat too. Eeeks.

So, hmmmm wonder if the remote needs batteries, or do I need to call TAP from Ghost Hunters?

I can show this since the only family that has my blog link is Doug - this is an album made for Grandparents Day (It's sept 9th FYI!) - hope she loves it, cuz I do and am going to find it hard to let this baby go.

*click on the pictures to see more detail/larger size*

I'm tired just posting all these photos!
Have to go to my mom's house for dinner tonight... guess we'll play marbles too. Thank goodness I have the excuse of the kids needing to be on a schedule and Katelyn being in school now - family issues - can go more in depth on that another day.


  1. Girl that is SPPOOKY!!!That would freak me OUT!!My Mom swears my house is haunted I've never witnessed anything but my DH says he has heard voices?i told him the ones in his head do not count!!lol

    And the album is TOTTALLLY AWESOME!
    i wasn't going to make anything for grand-parents day but think I might do one now!they are going to love it!!!

    LOL, sorry!!

    LOVE the album, girly, it's just bee-oo-tiful!!!

  3. That is pretty freaky!

    I LOVE the album, it rocks!!


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