Monday, January 8, 2007

What a fun weekend!!!

and I thought it would be "blah" not a chance babe!
of course we didn't get the tree down.. hahaha
oh well. I'll start working on it today.

We did get Christmas decorations down from the yard on Saturday. It was beautiful here. I'm guessing the weather was at least 68 degrees with a little wind. Perfect for playing outside... so that's just what we did. I got over 400 photos from the day so I have plenty of little tidbits to scrap about.

Stacy came over on Sunday for a lil bit. She gave me a DT gift of Stayz on ink and cleaner. Can't believe she did that, gotta love her ;) Thanks girl!! oh yeah... and I love it!!

Oh, yup... Girl Scout Cookies... want some??
We started selling on Saturday.. think we already have 30 boxes sold... only 220 more to go for Katelyns goal. I'd like to see 500+ again. We did that her first year in girl scouts... the troop got tons of money that year. Two girls, Katelyn & another girl sold over 500.. the troop leaders was wowed. That year she got the 500+ cookie pin.. I want her to earn another one, because we lost the last one :( Makes me want to cry & throw up at the same time when I think about it. I've GOT to motivate Bug so she will sell more ;) Means more work for me too, but she will love having that pin on her vest!

I made it through the next round at Scrappin' With Grace with my last layout. It's getting down to the wire now and I'm nervous!! All the ladies in the competition are nice and have some great talent. I wish them all the best.

If you made it this far (maybe I should have put this at the top?) Mark you calendars! Scrappy Giraffe's first 'OFFICIAL' CYBER crop will be February 17th!! The DT is working on ideas now to make it funfunfun baby!Febraury 17th!!! Don't miss it

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  1. over 400 photos?? are INSANE??? it would take me a gajillionbillion years to edit all of those!!!! have fun! sounds like a great day! and congrats on the comp!


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