Sunday, January 14, 2007

clumsiness sucks

Poor babies. They keep falling down and getting hurt. Friday night Cameron was walking over to Katelyn in the sunroom and he lunged at her the last couple of steps, he fell and hit is head on the dresser.. poor kiddo. Katelyn felt bad she couldn't catch him. She's going to make a great mother when she's older. Anyways, Saturday morning while I was making an omelet for Doug, Samantha saw daddy round the corner and she took off running, she got three feet and SMACK, face first on the kitchen floor. Sometimes I am thankful for that lineoleum, if it had been tile.. I cringe to even think about it. She busted her lip up pretty good. She's such a trooper, cried for a minute or two, then everything was ok. I need to make sure her teeth haven't loosened up any. She was clumsy all day yesterday though, just kept falling here and there. (It runs in the family... ugh!) Oh yeah, after our walk around the neighborhood we played in the front yard. Cam decided to start walking towards the sidewalk, (he was in the grass) and it just played out in slow motion. I saw what was going to happen and yet I didn't move. I feel like a total shit because of it. He fell NOSE first... scraped it up pretty good. I hope it's the last of the falls and scrapes, I don't think I could take any more boo boos!

I've been scrapping like crazy it seems. My mom is coming over today for dinner so I have to clean up the house a bit and put my scrap stuff away. It's crazy warm outside, so I wanna get the housework done and take the kids out to play after lunch. It seriously feels in the 70's here. Love it, but miss not having any snow. I'm beginning to wonder if we will get any at all this year!

I did correct the fact that I forgot the H in birthday.. DUH! lol

These match up beautifully, I just did a rush job on the picture taking.

Journaling on this reads:
fRESH things. There are so many fresh things I love. I couldn’t choose one if I tried. A fresh new baby clean out of the tub, the sweet baby smell that makes your heart smile…. Joy at its finest! Cut flowers bought for me “just because” makes me smile to see them. Tears from a freshly made boo boo, not that I love them, but it’s a memory, although sad, I don’t want to forget about. Fresh hot brownies out of the oven are a comfort food I love. There doesn’t have to be a reason for them. A fresh bloom on a flower I don’t have to work for, just gorgeous! Fresh linens out of the dryer put on your bed after a shower – heavenly. Fresh new born babies, it’s quite simple, gifts from God. It feels like my heart couldn’t possibly hold anymore love for my children. They’re such blessings in my life. Fresh fallen snow in the hour before the children wake, just me and the coffee, and those soft snow flakes falling from the sky. Bucket loads of freshly picked tomatoes from my moms’ garden… so bright, colorful, and yummy. They have a much better taste than from the grocery store. Nothing is more relaxing or refreshing on a hot summer day than a dip in the pool. These are a few of the fresh things that I adore, don’t forget to delight and take notice of the simple things!


  1. Oh poor baby!!

    All the LO's look FAB girl!!

  2. Ouch!

    Love the LO's....even the one you left out the "h". lol!

  3. oh holy cow. I LOVE no...FREAKIN' ADORE that first layout..OMG it's awesome!!!!!

    and your poor sweet babies! doesn't it seem like when one does it, the other one does too?? HUGS!


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