Friday, January 5, 2007

Weekend blah

We must take the darn tree down. I'm sick of walking past it and it's sitting there all lonely. Besides that, I couldn't get my Angel to sit on the top right this year, so I went out and got a star... never had a star before, and it certainly didn't thrill me like my Dear Darling Gorgeous Angel. blahhhhhhh I'll try something new this year, I must have that Angel up!

After the tree is down, and the garbage is picked up we can play all weekend! YAY! I have a 1 in 48 page due tomorrow @9am. and I still haven't printed my pictures yet!!! I swear, this week has been crazy!! Ever since Cameron took his first step, he's been into everything. It's going to be fun the next few days though because he took 5 steps in a row tonight... gosh, I love it!!

Got a sneak peek the other day of our 1st kit from SGK it's absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to get my pretty little hands on it. It's going to be ROCKIN'!!

I can't get this fergy song out of my head... would help if I took it off my blog, but I just love it. Maybe if I listen to it a coupla more weeks I'll find something different.

Off to print pics... or am i?

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