Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm naughty and I know it.

6 days and I haven't posted a thing!

So much going on at home.
Preparing for two crops in February.
Concentrating on eating right.
and exercising.
Catching up on laundry.
Keeping the house tidy.

I need to make myself a schedule so I can stay on track with stuff. I've been utilizing the calendar feature in Outlook 2007 much more - Doug would be proud.

I was going to take a lazy day today, but nope... I've changed my mind.
After I get Cam down for a nap, I'm gonna shake this booty and do some exercising...
maybe work on the bills, and get my schedule in place.

(read as boring.boring.boring.)

It's my lifeeeeeeeeee and I love it.
I have a strong urge to listen to Bon Jovi now. ;)


  1. Yes, you are naughty. Tell your husband you need a spankin' lol

  2. well did you do that booty shakin'? to Bon Jovi! LOL!!!!!

  3. I tell you I am working UP to being a blogger. As soon as I can remember my blog password I will be ready to start.


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