Wednesday, January 10, 2007

cleaning is such a drag

I hate cleaning. I hate the house dirty... so I clean it.

When the kids get up from a nap,I think they try to make it dirty as fast as they a contest or something. Who wins first place? Cameron or Samantha? Ahhhhhh it's a TIE. Their both so messy, messy! I had to vacuum twice today just because of the cracker crumbs. The kitchen looks pretty good... except for that trash.. just there. TAKE IT OUT honey!

The photo in this layout... I've loved it forever it seems.. in reality it's been 7 years since it was taken, and I love it more now! I've never been able to describe why I love it so, or why it invokes such strong feelings of love.. but I DO, and IT DOES!

Off to watch RV if the darn thing ever finishes burning.... :)


  1. love the layout Leah, the colors you used are fantastic! I can see why you like it so much, sometimes, photos just really speak to our hearts. XOXOX


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