Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Samantha is growing up

makes my heart ache a little. She'll turn two in March. Today she learned how to open the fridge on her own. We told her to get out of there and closed the door. She yelled out, "I want grapes!" clear as day, cracked me up. We told her to say please, so she said, "pwease." We gave her a little bunch of grapes, and she grabbed a bowl from a drawer that use to be child proofed, but got broke a coupla weeks ago and was never fixed. She was so proud to have grapes that she asked for, in a bowl she could get out all on her own.

Going to bed last night, I was rocking Cameron feeding him his bottle. She came in, gave me a kiss, gave one to brother on the top of his head and went to Daddy to pick her up. As he was closing the door she said, "night night", so I said night night. As it was almost closed she said, "I love you!" *sniffle* Ahhhh so sweet!!!! These are the moments you live for! I have always walked out of the childrens' rooms telling them night night, sweet dreams, I love you, as I shut their door. It's just an amazing feeling to have the words said back to you.

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  1. AAAAAwwww, how sweet. And yes you are right, it IS an amazing feeling to have the words said back to you! You never forget those moments, they are etched into your heart and soul!


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