Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow. fun stuff ♥

My four year old Samantha is now an avid scrapper.  About two months ago, I purged my drawers and re-organized my supplies and passed several things down to her. Paper, embellies, stickers, rub ons, etc.  Ever since, she scraps daily... even without photos. She loves arranging the stickers, telling stories about what they are doing, she really gets engrossed in it.  After Christmas this year, I decided it was time for me to get back to my love too, and started printing photos.  A light-bulb went off with Sam, asking for photos to scrap with... we printed off 8-10 photos for her, and she's thrilled to have the photos. I can see a change in her scrapping already, and how her thought process has changed in everyday life. For instance, Santa brought her necklaces in her stocking this year. One of them broke, and she said, "Hey, I can use this to scrap with!" dingdingding!! ;)  I was totally going to snag that too... but SHE knew it would be good for scrappin' with.  Cute lil darlin'.

I pulled out the flip a third of the way through her layout tonight. You can see that below.
 (Having trouble with publishing, will try again tomorrow.) ETA: Yay, it finally uploaded!!

It's been a long day!  We celebrated my mom's 55th birthday today because everyone goes back to school and work tomorrow. She got a gift card to Target, because she never shops there, and because she wouldn't give ANY hints as to what she needed/wanted.  My step-dad got her a photo converter... I guess it's like a scanner, but it's small as heck.  He found it on QVC and she seemed excited by it.  Hopefully she'll tackle scanning all her photos in and give me a copy too. ;)

It's now 9pm and wayyyy past the kids bedtime, time to tuck them in.
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