Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no lost mojo here

I've been sick since Sunday evening.. running fevers, sore throat, achy neck, etc.. just ugh.  Luckily, Katelyn has had testing this week, and has been getting out of school 1/2 day early. She comes home and helps me with Samantha and Cameron.  Truth be told, S&C have been pretty decent behavior wise.  They really trashed their rooms yesterday.. I didn't mind because they weren't hollerin' in my ear, which just aches when loud noisy chatterboxes screech nonsense in your ear... "C took my barbie and broke her head off agaaaaaaaaIIIIN!" ;)

I've been scrapping to try to play the mind over matter game... if I don't think about it, I'm ok. Today, I actually was messing around in SCAL2, Inkscape, and AI trying to figure out how to make my own SVG file.  Boy, do I have a lot to learn!  But, I'm pleased to say, I made one with the help of following ScrappyDew's tutorial. The only problem is I get this error message when I import my SVG into SCAL2.

Now I know for sure that before I saved the file in Inkscape, I went to view/display mode/outline. (does that even matter?)  Maybe I just need to update to the current version of Inkscape too...

if anyone knows why I am getting this error, pls help!  Otherwise, just clicking OK in SCAL2, it loads the SVG beautifully, and cuts just fine!
Wanna see it?

If you want it, you can download the free SVG by clicking on the preview.

Katelyn has no school friday or monday... will be nice to have her home!  If only Doug could find a work at home job telecommuting somewhere... that would be sweet.

I've been digging into my Sussies kit and my Amber Road paper... goodness, but I love the Amber Rd.... it's just amazing once you started piecing it together into a layout.  I may need some more for my stash.

Over @ Tallyscrappers Michelle is hosting a LEO challenge (layout every other day) it's lots of fun!
This one required:
-3 pictures
-tearing (paper/picture)

I used the January Sussies kit for this one.  I'm also challenging myself to scrap Katelyn's baby photos!

LEO #2, due tomorrow. **warning, if NEWborn, and I mean NEWborn baby photos bother you, skip passed this layout now.**
-White space

I used some of the TSR jan kit for this one. loads of fun working in some of my old stash too!

LEO #3, due on 1/16 (Michelle was super nice to post all the challenges at once, giving you time to work on the weekends to get them completed in time)
-4 photos
-2 pieces of pattern paper

Swoon.. did I mention I love that Amber Road?
More older photos of my lil Katie bug.
Hope your hump-day was a happy one!

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  1. MOrning Leah....Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully whatever you have will go away soon....
    Your layouts are always....Do you like your SCAL???? I'm thinking I may need to get that too...just need to figure out a place that is best.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello... It means alot to me....I don't get on messageboards much any more...darned facebook takes up all of my time....
    Have a very blessed day


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