Wednesday, January 6, 2010


CBS... It's not for the TV station.. it's for the Crappy Bread Sandwich. Something about saying that statement makes me SMILE.  Doug and I coined the phrase last week over dinner. 
We bought like 3 loaves of Wal-marts .88 cent bread. It was right around Christmas, and we've been pinching pennies... it made sense to buy their el cheapo bread. Anyway, between running around with our heads cut off shopping, and eating out a ton, we never opened the bread we had bought, until dinner the other night.

The texture is something like dried out cornbread.  Cornbread that I make anyhow is usually a little crumbly... imagine trying to make a sandwich with that! *giggle*  I had to talk about it here so I don't forget.  I'll be making a layout with that title soon, just because it makes me smile. A LOT! ;)

Poor Doug, he messaged me on skype and had me giggling, which led me to this blog post.

Not all cheap bread deserves the CBS term, take Kroger's .78 cent bread for example. Soft, fluffy, good.  There's a bread you can make a yummy sandwich with.  I think I'll get dressed and get some good sandwich bread :)
Enjoy your Wednesday!
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  1. Hahaha that made my day girl!!!! And I also hear Congrats are in order;) Can't wait too see some loveliness from you!


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