Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've got paint on my monitor!

Shhh don't tell hubby... I don't think he'd be surprised to see that.... but until I clean it, I'd rather he not know about it. ;)

I'm freezing today. My feet are cold, my nose is cold... and we're suppose to start getting snow anytime now today. At least it's only suppose to be less than 2" accumulation.  Anyways, with me being this cold, I figured it's a good time to dress my blog again. I had a lot of fun creating it... did I mention I'm READY for spring?

Oh, I love my DD.. she just walked in with a tall mug full of toffee coffee.... {shiver shiver} I did have to ask for it though... ah well, the egg roll she warmed up for me earlier was all her own doing. *grins*

I've been working on converting my pattern paper storage from see thru clear boxes, to the vertical paper storage.  I'm using used priority mail boxes kits come in and altering them.  They seem to take forever!  I need more mod podge, paint, and more sharpie poster markers.. love those things.  I have three verticals completed, but only have a photo of the one.

I will like it so much better being able to flip through my paper this way instead of digging thru a box.  Speaking of paper and kits.. I just got a package from Stacey @ Zany Zinnia and ohmigosh!!! She packages things so very nicely, it was like opening a Christmas gift! Check it out.  Isn't that just gorgeous??  I'm so saving that to scrap with!  Her shipping is just $5 for US residents... and she ships quick too.  I highly recommend her kits!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your box for papers!! And your fresh blog face is great!!

  2. Love the idea of using the priority mail boxes! So super creative. Hope you have a warm day!

  3. I love how you altered those boxes!! Fabulous

  4. That box alteration is fabulous! xo

  5. A sure sign of an artist having fun, paint on the monitor!

  6. did you get your monitor cleaned? Love how you altered your paperholder. Great idea!


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