Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have u seen my pillow?

Actually, I have seen my pillow... it doesn't miss me much right now, and I'm betting Doug doesn't either... see, I've been coughing pretty much non stop the last two hours.  Laying down triggers it.. my throat gets agitated.. I fight off the cough as long as possible, then I cough cough cough.... I couldn't take it anymore, so decided to get up.  I imagine I'll be running on fumes today.. who knows though with that thing called adrenaline. :)

We were driving home last night from running errands... and my kids were throwing potty humor back to back. Kind of like, "PoopyButtFartFacePeePooLivingInAZooBamZigYou'reWearingAFartyDiaperWig...."  I should have titled my blog post this, because it's kinda how I feel at the mo'. Bad thing is, it does crack me up, which is why it's so hard to get under control. (You would have to hear it for yourself) I'm pretty sure my teen daughter has started this... she's been pretty bored lately since she's been without TV for going on a month now... also without phone and internet.  She's quacking up! We've invited her into our room after the younger two go to bed to watch a show or movie here n there.

Doug has been working on building a media center in our bedroom. It's pretty amazing. We can watch all our family home video's on the big screen, listen to the radio, view slide shows of our entire photo library, rent instant movies from Netflix and watch them streamed from the internet.. and probably a lot more that I've not even mentioned. We went to Best Buy last night and bought an antenna to bring in the local channels in HD.  I think pretty soon we'll try canceling our Dish subscription and see how we get on without it.  I'm excited to be getting rid of another bill each month.

TallyScrapper is having a crop this weekend, that ends today I believe.  I've been scrapping some challenges over there, and cleaning up my scrap space even more.  It's about time to hit the kit area and break them down and organize again... I do that about once a year.. way past due to pruning in that area, especially since I have kits dating back to '07 from Scrappy Giraffe.

This layout we had to use 3 pattern papers older than 6 months, I used Stemma from 2006, and Junkitz from 2007. 3 different embellies older than 6 months, flowers, buttons and chipboard cover that. Paint and using some older stamps, Love, elsie Lola took care of that for me.  I just love this photo of Katelyn.

This layout is for the shopping list challenge. I chose chipboard, buttons, and felt. I painted the chippie pink, stickled it, and added beads. This is Sammie-Baby playing out in the snow making snow angels this past December.

Here's my try at a digital layout.. I love making sigtags, editing other graphics, but I'm not that good at the digi's... which is why I find it funny I tried making a sketch too! lol

I've had fun playing with digi, I just don't understand how copying/pasting works in Photoshop.. it seems foreign compared to how it works in PSPX2. Have a great day!

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