Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm awarding YOU

the Brilliant Weblog award!
Scrappygal, thanks for the love sweetie.... mucho more happiness wished to you throughout the year!!
1. Michelle s - for her giving nature, mom to 3 boys, one just brand spanking new... she's always left me with a smile on my face.
2. Rachel - her knack as being DT Coordinator @ TS, and ALL her ventures just leaves me blown away with respect. She rocks at everything she does... and rocks the merkin INFO ;)
3. Christine - Another knock my socks off lady. ALWAYS involved with her kids activities, making sure they succeed... famous cornhole player.. she's well rounded in a rock/corn-star kinda way. SO happy I got to finally meet you this month.. so hope you can get transplanted here!
4. Christi - she's sweet, witty, wicked, fabulous artist, rockin mama to 4 and still blows me away with all she does... so happy to know you.. and whenever I drink coffee, I think of you!
5. JanS - We don't "talk" a lot, but I respect her life, her charity crops, her southern sassiness, and wish wish wish I was meeting her in Oct. @ the SC Tally Rally.... you rock mama!
6. Julie W - Your works of art leaves me breathless, and I hope to reconnect with you over @ Treasured... another old MFM pal that I've always looked up to!
7. Dori - Because you popped in my head. I think you are fabulous.. I LOVE "watching" you and Dilly going back n forth talking about the soaps... I'm so happy to know you!
Now here are the rules to follow if you have been nominated:
1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you -Click on Christine's name @ the way top.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
phew.. ok I think I did all this.
and I was tagged by Michelles & Julie W that I remember ;)

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...
~delivering newspapers daily.. ugh

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...
~ endless mountain of laundry
~ go grocery shopping
~work on my DT stuff
~pay the bills *done

I'm addicted to...
~the Internet
~anything scrapbooking
~laying on hubby in bed @ night
~playing pacman on my sega

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire...
~pay off the van and buy hubby and I matching muscle cars. mine in lime green, his in whatever he wanted. Buy a new house with a built in pool. pay off all the debt... fill up the college funds.. go to DisneyWorld, Australia, Jamaica, and get some laser surgery.

Places I have Lived...
~Roanoke, VA
~Traverse City, MI
~Denver, CO
~Bluefield, WV

I am tagging...
...anyone who hasn't been tagged yet that reads this!!!
easy peasy - copy n paste!


  1. Leah...congrats on such a cool really deserve it!!

  2. Thanks, Leah! You are too sweet!!!

  3. Just stopping by to say hi, meet you on the tresured scrapbooking board, im hippy_chick, LOVE your blog esp the music!!!


  4. how cool is that!!!

    tell me how (or where i can read) how to add that to my blog!


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