Friday, July 11, 2008

Salem Fair

Ahhhh what torturous fun.
The torture part comes in when having to find parking, which thankfully, we were able to. Oh, and handing over your drivers license so you can rent a wagon to pull your kids in... along with a $10 bill. And sweating so much it soaks through all your hair, your shirt, and the legs of your shorts... the price of refills.. ridiculous.

the fun.
Cotton Candy - fresh out of the machine so it's warm and extra fluffy, the Petting Zoo - where one critter thought Cameron's hair looked good enough to try and eat. ;) French fries in baskets, Funnel cake with powdered sugar, Fresh squeezed lemonade, seeing the wonder and amazement upon the toddlers faces watching the rides zoom and spin, the noises and crowds (which scared the shit out of me, and makes me thankful for handing over the ten spot and the drivers license in the beginning), and of course the RIDES.

Watching them on the rides was the BEST part.. only thing that would have been better is if I could have went on the rides with them. Doug was a good sport and took them (Sam and Cam) on several kiddie rides. Cameron hate hate HATED the merry go round.
IMG_0045 copy
On the other hand, Samantha LOVED it!
IMG_0050 copy
Cameron was warming up to the idea of actually riding the rides come the second one, some kind of kid city with big ol trucks in a quarry... was cute!
IMG_0070 copy
... and then some kind of ducky caterpiller something.. still not sure ;)

IMG_0084 copy
There were a couple more rides too, but if Samantha had her way, she would have went on tons more. Next year, she's getting a bracelet... I think if she meets the height requirement, she'd go.

Katelyn had walked around with her friend Sam when we first got there, then met up with us after an hour. We were getting quite upset with her, because she wasn't going on any rides.. turns out, she just needed someone to ride with. We met up with the cousins while there.. was fun to walk around with them and get lost in extra kid chaos. Always double checking girls vs boys.. doing the quick count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 baby for the little ones... the big ones we didn't count that much ;)

I convinced my cousin, Amy to take Katelyn & Nick on SuperShot. It's easily the tallest ride at the Fair. This was taken when they were about halfway up.
It lifts you up nice and slow then engages and SWOOOOOOSH drops you down speedy quick. I think I'd pee myself... lol
Here they are preparing to go up.
IMG_0104 copy
and here they were as they were coming down at a screamin' speed!
IMG_0116 copy
(you can click on any of the photos to see them larger at flickr)

They waited in line for the Scrambler for almost an hour... I asked Katelyn if it was worth it for less than a 3 minute ride.. she said, "Yep!"
Nick and K riding the scrambler
IMG_0138 copy

IMG_0128 copy
and even though their blurry and red eyed demons, I love the photos!

We left a little after 10pm and went to McD's for some sort of a "real" dinner... that sucked... what a late night, but tons of fun!


  1. looks like a blast-funny we ate
    mickey d's too. my kids love the fair!!! great pics! tricia

  2. Awesome pics...I can almost smell the corn dogs! lol Our county fair starts on Friday, so we'll probably attend, and try to come home with the same number of kids we left with. *sigh*


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