Monday, July 7, 2008

need to change my profile

to 32. sigh. lol
I had a wonderful birthday... besides my early present, Miss Bella Ooxie, Doug and the kids bought me TWO WRMK D ring albums with page refills. Love 'em! Doug and the family have kinda kidnapped me away from the computer to hang with them over the last four days. It's been leisurely, and just nice to have down time with them for so long.Doug even took care of three things on the honey do list.... withOUT me asking. That's HUGE folks!

On my birthday, we had Dish come out to hook us up with satellite again. We had it two years ago and thought we would switch to save money.. guess who has the better savings now? yep. They came around 1:30 and didn't leave until after 6... they would have stayed longer but I was about to get all mother hen on their ass, because Cameron fell iNto the corner of the couch arm and bit into his lip and pushed is front incisor back...

The Dish guys were blocking my driveway and I needed to take him to our family doctors urgent care to see if he needed stitches, or if that tooth would be lost. Turns out his lips were just bruised and cut, and would heal ok on it's own.... we're suppose to schedule something with the dentist this week if the tooth becomes lose. Man, that kid is tough, and makes my heart hurt. I couldn't imagine having more than one boy, I think I would have heart failure on a regular basis!

We hung out yesterday and I started on getting the house into some order again. three days of doing nothing much wrecks the house..... and woohoo Christine is in town! I hope to see her today before she heads out tomorrow.

I found out I have 5 layouts that will be pub'd in Scrapbook News and Review's July issue, I'm thinking that comes out on the 12th.

I *NEED* to scrap today.. I had my kit in hand since the 3rd and have fondled it twice.. no scrappage yet. Am I nervous to work with my own kit? hell to the NO... off to do that now ;)

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