Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's SO big!!

so, hubby came in the house, "HONEY!! you GOTTA see this!"
guess what he shows me? *wink*
IMG_0175 copy

I'm really glad this isn't apart of him... ;)

IMG_0176 copy
Oh, go ahead and say it.. dirrrty!

If you can imagine, it was hidden in the garden... sure tasted good! ;-)
IMG_0177 copy
We have a drawer full of cucumbers and zucchini, quick to be filled with squash again this week. We had my mom come by and get a bag of cucumbers yesterday... my new favorite snack is cucumbers halved, with a tablespoon of ranch and croutons. yummy!


  1. haha, im sure it did taste good

  2. hmmmm I hope they were yummy :) Those photos cracked me up!!!!

  3. I am so glad that my young people were preoccupied instead of standing over my shoulder like usual!! LOL
    Taylor and Joshua love cucumbers!! I like zucchini bread and quash in my Japanese food...lol.

  4. can you pop that in the mail to me? i'm a girl in need!

  5. LOL...this is too funny. Great sense of humor!

  6. Oh my gosh! Too stinkin' funny! Great shots!

  7. LOL great pictures Doug you dirty dog you! can you send me the one all the way to the left! :)

  8. {faint}! That thing is HUGE! teehee!

  9. BWAH-Hahahaha!! LOVE that he posed for that pic, first of all, and Christine's comment is too funny! You should hook her up with your drawer full of pen- uh, I mean, squash! lol


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