Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gutter Girlz - Prompt 4

WOOT! Prompt #4 is NOW up.
I'm hoping all my friends check it out. It's seriously my favorite prompt yet.

Here's the layout:

You can add your own entries on the Gutter Girlz Flickr photostream if you don't have a blog. Just don't forget to link your project to the Gutter Girlz blog for a chance to win a guest design spot on the team, and throw your hat in the ring at the wonderful prize pack each month!

In other news, I ran out of the house straight after the kids had lunch, and I had washed off the funk from being sick, to finally return the cable boxes and remotes to Cox. I mean, hello... three and a half weeks to turn them in? Am I shatoopid? Procrastinator is more like it... ah well, no fees incurred, and I was added to the account for internet.

I picked up canning jars and stuff from walmart today. I am going to CAN this year. The shit better turn out good too.. cuz if not, mama ain't gonna be happy! ;)


  1. Great LO, Leah! Hmmmm.... :0)

  2. it must feel so rewarding to be canning and putting away veggies for the winter. Such a proud moment!

  3. it must feel so rewarding to be canning and putting away veggies for the winter. Such a proud moment!

  4. Holy crap, girl, I love your layout SO much!! And it's so funny that you would mention returning your cable boxes....guess what we discovered in hubby's trunk just the other day? Yeah, TWO cable boxes, remotes, and modem from the cable company we switched from on the first of JUNE. Discovery was made after this company took FIVE HUNDRED FRIKKIN' DOLLARS out of our bank account. So, my loveable (but shatoopid) hubby needs to get them out of his damn car trunk and give them to me so I can return them before they take another $500 for the other box. He forgot again today. Maybe I need to glue his ass cheeks together as a little reminder, or something. ;)
    So glad you're feeling better! Sounds like you had the sickies pretty bad! Oh, and I'm sorry for leaving a novel in your comments! :)

  5. wow Leah what a beautiful layout!i am hoping i can work on this before i leave for NJ!!
    you GO girl with canning your own food!!!
    and glad you are feeling better!!((Hugs)) have a great weekend chickie ;)

  6. awesome layouts girl!!!
    Those pickles look some watermelon rind pickles and you are golden...they are delicious!
    I've been making spaghetti sauce and this weekend I'll be putting up some fresh peaches...mmmmmm


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