Monday, March 3, 2008

My secret is....

I made the design team over at The Scrapping Spot!! YEAH!
Here's the announcement that was made:

Cathy and I, along with The Scrapping Spot Team, are thrilled to welcome our THREE new Design Team Members! They are:

Alidalis Acevedo-Chanza (our very own DALIS--who rocks!)
Leah Crowe
Laina Lamb

We are so excited to see what they will bring to The Scrapping Spot and cannot WAIT till April!!!

I'm so excited! Some of my favorite girls are over there on that team, and I get to work with them!! WOOHOOO!

In other good news, I took Samantha to the doctor this morning. Seems there is a very nasty flu virus going around here that kicks ass and takes names later. We did a blood & urine test. Blood count looks fine, and the urine showed some dehydration. We just need to keep the eloctrolytes going into Samantha, if not, we'll have to go to the Hospital. I can't wait to have my fiesty little girl back!


  1. Congrats on the DT position!!!

  2. Congratulations, Leah! That's terrific!!!

  3. Congrats Leah!well deserved you soo ROCK girl ;)
    baby says "hi"


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