Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little blessings.

Doug was in a car accident Friday on his way home from work. He thought he would leave early and surpise me. What a surprise I got when he called me telling me someone had rear ended him. The guy begged and pleaded with Doug not to call the police to the scene. Warning flag went up when he told me that later on. Doug was NOT hurt, thank the Good Lord above. The car was only minor damaged as well. The S10 pick up that hit Doug of course looks like shit. The cop couldn't believe that the truck was the one with all the damage and Doug's only a few scratched, and some bending in the side panel line.

I guess God looks out for you one way or the other.. because the F&@!*# did NOT have current insurance like he said he did... I'm thinking that's why our car is ok, and his is not... and he got a ticket for following too closely... although I think it should have been speeding considering Doug was sitting behind traffic for a good 15 seconds at a standstill, and Doug had time to look in his rearview mirror as the guy was slammed on his breaks leaving at least 8ft in skid marks. Now we're hoping our insurance doesn't sky rocket because of the claim.

I updated my post below with a couple new items added.

OHHHHHHHHHH and I got my prize package from Coordinates Collections today!
Tons of making memories goodies, bazzill bling, a package of thickers.. trims, paint, stickers, page kits,oh my! Really cool. Thanks so much Jamie!!

have a look.
all together
IMG_7345 copy

IMG_7347 copy

IMG_7346 copy

IMG_7353 copy

IMG_7352 copy

IMG_7351 copy

IMG_7350 copy

IMG_7348 copy

Cool huh?
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!


  1. wow girl you banked in on this one! what a lucky girl you are.
    glad to hear doug is fine. yep someone's looking out for you guys! have a great easter! enjoy your family time :)

  2. Oooooo....what a huge stash of scrappy goodness! You're gonna need a bigger scraproom, lol! :) Can't wait to see what you make.....just looking at it makes me inspired to do some Spring-y layouts. Have a happy Easter!!

  3. Wow, that is an incredible prize!! I am completely green with envy! Have fun scrappin' with all those goodies & Happy Easter. - Jen (imxfer)

  4. WooHoo!!! What an awesome prize!! You deserve it! Now get to scrappin'!!

  5. look at that prize!! looks like fun! you deserved it! you got all my votes :)

  6. ROCK ON with your bad prize self!!! lol I love it!! GREAT HAUL!!!

  7. Sorry, I was distracted by all the scrappy goodness.....what I meant to say was, SO glad your hubby is okay! :)

  8. OMG what a great package, I see a lot of scrappy layouts in your future.
    So glad your dh is alright.

  9. WOW, Tons of yummy goodies!!! I'm so glad your hubby is okay and the car wasn't damaged too much. It would be such a bummer if your insurance went up, and the accident wasn't even his fault...

  10. So glad Doug is okay!!
    OMG *drool* look at ALL those goodies girl WOW have fun!!


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