Thursday, March 13, 2008

These will be fun to look back on

WHEN I get skinny.
heck they'll be fun to retake when I'm skinny.

Christine challenged me to dress up all 80's with poofy hair, Pat Benatar make up, and big earrings.. too bad I didn't have some bangles! The leopard print is on me ;)
You'll be seeing some of these on a layout this weekend!

strike a pose6

strike a pose7

strike a pose5

strike a pose4

strike a pose3

strike a pose2

strike a pose

yes, I'm slightly embarrassed by my dorkiness ;)


  1. Could you BE cuter?! I adoooore you for taking up that challenge - and dang, girl - you're actually pulling it off and making it look sassy! :D

  2. You are too cute!!! XOXO

  3. you are a cutie!!
    these photos made me smile.. since I am not feeling good!!
    Love ya!

  4. ahhh - cuteness! Those made me smile, and how fun to put the face with the name...hugs! KP

  5. Oh wow! You did the 80's proud girl! LOL! Great pics!

  6. so fun! can't wait to see the pages!!

    To answer your question - last count was 53. LOL! I think the "recovery" process involves buying more. lol.

  7. Too funnY! You are so cute!

  8. Your just the cutest! Love all the photos!

  9. Well, look at you! You are one gorgeous babe!


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