Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

Ahh 3 years old.
Dora card from mama
Amazing how this little miracle turned three today.
She helped me make her birthday cake. She washed strawberries, put them in the blender... in the mixer she dumped in the cake mix, poured the eggs, oil, water, and strawberry puree in. She tasted the mix a dozen times to make sure it was just right. :)
Blow out the candles
She got a new easel from Papaw & Grandma Hensley, $10 from Papaw Crowe, She already spent it at ToysRus and bought herself a new microwave for her kitchen center. Clothes & puzzles and markers, oh my! The puzzles have been a big hit. Both the littles ones love them. Their by Melissa & Doug inside toysrus.. such quality puzzles, worth every $ we spent for them. Isn't that cake just beautious? And we have Doug to thank for the butt ugly candle.. hahaha


  1. What a sweetie... How fun that you let her help with the cake! My kids used to love to do that when they were little. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy late birthday to your little one!
    You are to funny!!

  3. Happy (late)birthday Samantha sounds like you had an AWESOME day!!


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