Friday, November 9, 2007

I must be loony

take me and lock me up now!
I'm 12 hours in to my non smoking, hubby too!
It's weird because I really want to stop smoking for the health reasons.. but I do like smoking. I just hate smelling like cigs. Oh, I swear my pancakes tasted better than I've ever tasted them before. Who knows. I do know that I want one though.


Did you know there was a cyber crop this weekend?
yeah baby, with TONS of challenges and fabulous prizes!!
Whole kits even.
It's going to be THAT good.
Check out

Check out some of these photos I took at the cornfield two weeks ago.



I love this one because Cam is sitting here looking up to DH, it's just precious.

Oh. Sam is doing grrrrrrrrrreat on the potty training.
I think she may be holdin' her poo though... that may be TMI! HAHA


  1. great pictures Leah!i cant believe how big your little got!!too cute love those blue eyes!
    GOod luck on smoking girl!!hang in there you CAN DO IT!!i know its hard!!i was watching The View today and Whoopi(sp?)is quitting too so she has been doing seqements on it check out there site i think there is more info that maybe might help you!
    And thank you for the sweet remarks on my mini album i have to say it came together very quickly and i think it was because i just really loved the song title and all that good stuff :)!!!
    oh and i i don't have the baby on my bday i will defintely try to hold on til your bday ;)

  2. GREAT pics. Leah, I think we would have a blast together, you remind me a lot of myself with some of your posts! Hang in there with quitting smoking. I know it's SO hard. I have relapses all the time, until I get sick like I am now, with bronchitis, and I realize how dumb I am to be smoking with asthma. And I ALWAYS felt kissing my kids with my nicotine smellin' mouth. Hugs to you, girl!! You can do it!

  3. **ahem**
    Note to self-proof read BEFORE clicking submit comment, dummY!

    That is supposed to be I felt guilty kissing my kids...


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