Friday, November 30, 2007

I feel more Christmassy today

especially after making more Christmas Cards last night & this morning. While I was making these...

the children were playing with old doodlebug stickers on Christmas paper. lol Samantha said, "Santa is going to looooooooveeee this!!! He will!! yup!"
too cute. And look at the concentration on Camerons face. Dang, but that boy is so cute. I think I will do this more often. It certainly helps the hand/eye coordination.
Notice that color in Samantha's hair? I can't peg what you would call it. Strawberry copper blonde? My mom raves over it all.the.time! It is beautiful. She pays a price though with three cowlicks in the back of her crown. Crazy trying to brush it, and she will not let me put it up in a pony. ever! Hopefully the longer it grows the better they will tame down. Time for naps.. me included! Cam started his wakey up deal again last night.. ugh!


  1. Loooove the cards, Leah!! I am NOT making cards this year, I don't think! I can't get into the Christmas spirit, just been too stressed out lately, crappy stuff keeps happening, etc. Great job on the cards, girl!

  2. That is SO CUTE!!! And your cards are gorgeous! How are you girl?? Hugs!

  3. oh my, the cards are fab! Love all your getting ready for xmas stuff!


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