Thursday, November 29, 2007

daddy robot

*insert robot voice here*
"Daddy robot activated. Daddy robot must tickle!!"
*terminate robot voice*

Doug makes this super robot voice. All the syntax and stuff.. it cracks me up and just makes me happy to hear it. He is so clever at switching on the daddy robot, and chasing the kids around. Just think of something a little goofy like Rosie from the Jetsons mixed with the Bicentinial man. It started a couple months ago one night while I was fixing dinner. The family usually lingers about getting in my way while I cook... and it started. It really makes the night fun when Daddy Robot makes a visit.
I already had to run to the grocery store this morning. Woke up and went to change Cam and there was only 1 diaper. No back ups in the diaper bag or anything. ugh. So off to Krogers I go. And they didn't have size 6, so I grab the off brand. I hate going out so early because you have to check yourself out before 7am. "Please put the item back in your bag" is a message I often hear, or "Please wait for cashier assistance" ANnOyING! What exactly are you to do when you have a full buggy? You can't take the stuff off the area to bag because their scaled, or you will hear "Please put the item back in your bag..." hmmph.
This photo makes me grin... and I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet... I'm still in a phase of denial.

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