Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a day shy of two weeks!!

Geez, I can't believe I hadn't blogged in almost two weeks. Thanks for the nudge C!
Well, let's see. I guess I would have lots to share then, huh? I do.
BOTH Tallyscrapper kits sold out in under 12 hours!! WOOT WOOT!!
Here's what I did with the rest of my kit.
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a silverware holder - since we eat buffet style on Thanksgiving. I fell in love with it.. enamored more like it, and nobody else really noticed. *sigh* Really.. only scrappers get it. My aunt just does NOT scrap near enough to be called a scrapper yet. Matter of fact I had to borrow 3 rolls of adhesive.. adhesive out of a 12 pack she hasn't touched since she ordered it back in March! I can't wait until the bug hits her, then maybe we'll be able to scrap together!

This one is hilarious. My step dad pushing over a dead tree in our yard. He looked like a Hillbilly.. especially with the crack showing.. but it was freakin' funny to watch! He didn't like it when I told him I showed it online... *giggling* it's all about the crack, that's all.

Thanksgiving morning the kids were up at 6:15. Perfect because I had a 24.5 pound turkey I needed to get in the oven. I armed the two munchkins up with a spoon and a yogurt, and started pampering my turkey. We usually eat dinner around 3pm on Thanksgiving, so I had to hurry and boil the neck & giblets for my stock for the stuffing. My mom loves the stuffing out of the turkey (Doug used to, but over the years likes it better out of the pan) so I always have to rush to get that made. I learned a new trick this year. After breaking the bread to sit overnight, go ahead and chop up the onions and celery... saves a bunch of time! Check out my helper.

She helped cull the bread from the cookie sheets to put in the pot. too cute!
Everything came out perfect and on time!!! It was awesome.
No fights erupted. AND I held the crew off long enough to capture the warm bits of food before it was tore into. Note that this is only 1/2 the turkey. the sucker was monstrous!

Broccoli casserole, mashed taters, gravy, turkey, stuffing in the pan/and from the bird, sweet marshmallowy yams swimming in butter and brown sugar sauce, homemade mac n cheese, rolls, and fried green beans... all the cold salads were on another counter, it was all so good!!

Oh yeah, I've completed two mini albums in two days for Christmas gifts. I need to start and finish two more before the weekend. I don't know if I can do it because I really want to scrap a layout or two... hmmm priorities... and I need to make more Christmas cards.. hmmmm

Cameron was sick the day after Thanksgiving, he's finally sleeping better at night now. Phew. I wish Doug and I would get our ass in bed earlier though... midnight -1 am sleep time with a wake up call at 6 sucks!!!!!!!

That's all for now folks!


  1. um your meal looks delish! Love the pics of dad knocking over the tree! Love the silverware holder! And congrats to you on the kit sell out! You rock the scrapbooking world!

  2. Yay for Thanksgiving helpers! Everything looks like it turned out pretty darn amazing...don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep next year. :)

    Love your Christmas playlist! Christmas music makes me happy, especially if it's sung by Bing. LOVE that guy!

    PS~Did your family know you MADE that silverware holder? I would've been like, "Look what I did!" and made them oooh and aaaah over it. Well, we all think you're amazing, anyway. :)

  3. all that food is making me hungry!!!love the silverware holder you made super cute!love the (crack)tree wrangler layout LOL! thanks for the nice comment on my blog hate the layout from last week this pregnancy is killing me I am so EXHAUSTED I don't have the engery to scrap!!!cRaZy i know!!!i dont even thing i am doing challenge 7 i hate not to do it but just don't have it in me!!i swear the last one i pulled that one out of my a$$!!!LMBO :)

  4. You're little helper is TOO cute!! The food looks yummy! Love the crack layout! LOL! Fun!


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