Monday, November 5, 2007

#1 and #2

ewwwwwww I hate potty training.
it's so messy.
this lil cutie has taken a fascination with being naked

so why not put her on the toilet too?
It's only 8:45 am and we've been through 3 pairs of panties already.
Patience. Send me lots of it today please :)


  1. birbery worked for me with both of mine....try the mean time i wish i could send you some patience but i have ZERO...NADA...NILCH....NONE!!!

    i am sure someone can send you some of their's though! :)

    congrats again on the win for noel's challenge...well your work

  2. Hmmmm...naked sounds fun.

    We tried potty-training Jack, but couldn't find a good way to allow him potty access without also giving the baby toilet-splashing privileges. Maybe they'll both be out of diapers by the time they start kindergarten. It's possible, right?

  3. You know "they" say not to pray for might be tested too much! Good luck!

  4. LOL Thanks for the advice girls!! We are actually giving her a penny for when she goes #1 and two for #2's. She'll be able to go shopping soon :)

  5. Blech...

    I don't like that whole process, either! My 3 year old REFUSES to use the potty, it's frustrating!! GOOD LUCK!
    I hope everything comes out alright! (((Pun intended!))) LOL!

  6. Good luck with LEah!!Aaron is 4 1/2 and wants NOTHING to do with the toilet!so frustrating hope you have better luck than us!they say girls are easier!!
    and LOVE the picture she has gotten soo big she is beautiful!


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