Monday, February 21, 2011

He's FIVE!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Cameronnnnnnnn
IMG_0850 copy
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Cameron woke up yesterday on his birthday to have cupcakes for breakfast. He immediately wanted to open his presents.  Since we weren't having anyone over for cake and icecream, we thought why not?
His reaction
IMG_0858 copy
When he saw this poster
IMG_0859 copy

Cameron is a huge fan of Mario Brothers and Iron man right now. (batman too)
IMG_0863 copy

and he wanted a yo yo.
IMG_0885 copy

Papaw Crowe sent him a birthday card
IMG_0910 copy
and of course it had birthday money in it. :)
He can't wait to go to TRU to spend it.
He called Papaw to thank him.
IMG_0913 copy

We had lunch of Cams choice.. hot pockets (he had two! lol)
then we went to the park of his choice.
It was busy there with the lovely weather.
IMG_0919 copy
He got this super cool remote control car, he fell in love with it.
IMG_0987 copy

stupid thing burned up inside after using it for 15minutes.
IMG_0988 copy
I pray we just got a faulty one.. we're going to have to return it though and figure something out. He really loved this car. We distracted him with the slide and by playing 'monster'.
IMG_1001 copy
chasing him.. rawrrrrrr
IMG_1005 copy
Back home for some dinner of ravioli and shell macaroni. then cake with the movie How to Train a Dragon.  (great movie, i loved it, and so did Cam. he actually sat through the whole movie.) He gets two cakes this year, because between all we did yesterday, momma didn't have time to make the boy the cake of his dreams.. we'll be making that on Tuesday. ;)
Make a wish

Samantha is home sick today, hope she's feeling better tomorrow.

If you pray, please pray for Kimberly M. and her son Ryan. He has cancer and has been fighting it so long. He recently celebrated his 7th birthday, but he's not doing well at all right now. Prayers of any kind are appreciated.
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  1. happy birthday to your little guy, he's so cute!

  2. Got a little something for ya over at my blog: Come on over to check it out :) xxx Marlene


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