Saturday, February 26, 2011

G45 love

Wheee up all night.
That's what my third cup of coffee after 4pm Friday will do to me. I think Doug went to bed annoyed. lol
It's just me, the teen K, and the faeries up.
Isn't the lil Tim Holtz birdie sweet?
It all started with this
An old Prima Blossoms box, I think I've had it going on five years now. It previously held scraps of ribbon, but I have been yearning for springtime weather. When my eyes focused on it today I spent several hours altering it.

This is the back
and the front - You can view any photo larger by clicking on it.

My sweet Fae friend on top is passing the time coaxing spring flowers to grow.

I hung two Fae from the top of the box lid with fishing line.

 the view from top looking down inside

There is a lot of depth here.. so many cuties to see.
There are mushrooms, a family of bunnies, a jungle of flowers, grass, and of course our loved faeries.

All paper products are from the Once Upon a Springtime Graphic 45 collection.

I wish I could find a tea cup that said drink me to make me small enough to visit inside the Faerie woods. It really seems nice in there. :) Would you come visit?

Hope your weekend is a pleasant one!

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  1. omg woman!!! that s freakin fabulous!!!!

  2. I could never do this!!!! It is AMAZING!!!! I hope you submit it all around!!! :D

  3. This is just so cool! I don't think in 3D like that so I am always sooooooo impressed by those of you who do.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just found you! I am speechless with your creativity! This fairy box is over the top AMAZING! I am your newest fan!

  5. wow!! this is beautiful! I love this.

  6. This is truly amazing and gorgeous, Leah!!! What a wonderful magical world you have created in that box.

  7. All I can say is Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is amazing - I love how you gave us several views as there is so much to see! Really beautiful. thanks for linking to paperissues

  8. WHAT THE WHAT??? This thing is SICK! Absolutely love it! You are such a great addition to Paper Issues! :) ~Dawn


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