Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How bout them Packers, eh?

Normally on Super Bowl, either Doug or I decide on which team we want to root for, then other person has to root for the opposing team. This year, we both decided we wanted Packers. To be honest, there was a lot of horse playing and snacking up until after the halftime show.. then kids bedtime. So we didn't see who won until Monday. I think the important thing was having fun.. oh yeah, and the super cute Doritoes commercials.. loved both the pug one and the bringing grandpa back one. (if only it were that easy, but i did enjoy the commercial)

This past week there has been a week long tally crop... Between trying to make things for the crop, and watching Dexter (I'm new to the show.. holy crap, it's GOOD!) I hadn't taken a chance to update the bloggy.

K.. going to spam this post with photos... ;)

Samantha's oh so cute in person Valentines card box. I think she gets to take this and her valentines in Thursday to start exchanging cards. :)

Samantha helped to paint all the wood, chose the papers and stickers.. lots of fun.
inside.. also the bottom is covered in felt.

a cute tag made from the scrap papers from the box above
I have no clue what to do for V-day this year.. I'm thinking a home cooked meal and sugar cookies should suffice!
Speaking of Valentines.. Samantha helped me make these too... we spent hours on them. The perfect paper topper had to be with the right candy flavor with the right silly band for the right person. ;) Part of their kindergarten assignment was to write their own names on the cards, then to cut out and glue who they were for from a list of classmates. Fun stuff.. so glad it's over now ;)

A criss cross card. Me no likey these... wait. I like other people's version.. just not my own. ;)
I liked this simple card :)
My favorite layout from the crop.. had to use mist on the layout. I chose tattered angels in cherub pink and paired that with some bo bunny midnight frost.

i just love all the stitching and distressing

and i had time for one more challenge.. I lifted the lovely LJ's layout over @ Tallyscrapper.
part of this layout is using the tallyscrapper kit, part from my stash, and a dcwv paper (the pink)
I think it works... i love the little tag on the K.
and I so love the stickles on my homemade yarn flower

Did I tell y'all about Katelyn's All District Band concert back at the end of January yet?
I need to edit some video so you can hear it..

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  1. #1. I like a girl with a dirty mind. #2. I also rooted for the Packers. I am a Chiefs fan but Aaron Rogers was my fantasy QB this season. #3. When I made the criss cross card, I also was not crazy about MINE. I think others look fab...maybe it was the process of making it, IDK. Anyhoo...Are those the new Jillibean circles? Fantastic projects!!!! =)

  2. Awesome work!!!! thank you for following my blog. I'm a new follower to yours!!!

  3. Your daughter's Valentine box has to be the coolest I have ever seen!!!!!!


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