Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gearing up for a birthday

My little man Cameron will be turning 5 come Sunday.
We're all giggles and smiles the last few days. The sunshine and warm
weather has been good for our spirits. especially mine.

oh happy day

On Valentines Day Doug brought home 16 gorgeous roses to celebrate our 16 years together.
valentines day
I am having burgoo shipped in from Moonlight for Doug.. he misses it something fierce. If you are ever in Owensboro, Ky.. go eat there.

Been scrapping bits here n there.
This one is when we my cousin Shelly's new baby for the first time.
Baby Love
Baby love close up2
Baby love close up

Project 12 we're doing on Tally.
Project 12: January ~ Challenging

Survivors first challenge on Tally for Team Russell . :)
Don't go
We had to use colors tan and blue, at least 2 staples, and a photo(s) with more than 1 person in it.
I chose to document Cameron saying goodbye to Samantha on her first day of school.
It hit him pretty hard the first week. They hugged and kissed. (the kissing part is super rare. lol)
I got misty with it using mister hueys and maya road mists.

FedEx just placed this on my doorstep.
Imaginisce animal cracker line
*insert squeals of delight*
*jumping up and down*
giggling and cackling with Cameron.
(he loves the big mustache with the seal)
Imaginisce completely ROCKS!!!!
I won the entire Animal Crackers line from their blog.
You must check them out if you're not already a fan.
They have a kick ass rockin' design team.. and their super generous with their fans/customers.
I'm on cloud nine today... and it feels wonderful!

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  1. such great layouts, such sweet roses and what an awesome prize! go Leah!

  2. i love all your layouts, you rock :) xxx marlene

  3. Your layouts are gorgeous, as usual!

  4. Goo Team roB!!sorry had to be a wise a$$ ;)
    great pages as always gorgeous work!!
    so sweet Doug got your roses my Doug doesn't do that kind of stuff but he did take me out for dinner so it was a good valentine's day :) awesome prize girl have fun playing!!

  5. oh and i forgot to post that I CANNOT believe that Cameron is 5 i remember when he was a baby!!gosh time goes too fast!!


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