Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No power no internet

So I was without power for nearing 15 hours... you lose track of time once you are unable to charge your phone.. lol Then once the power came on, the internet never came back.  They finally got it up mid afternoon... its days like those that make me take a closer look and wonder WTH I did to piss Karma off. ;) PB&J's mixed with McD's saw us through the evening meals, and Sookie Stackhouse saw me through the days. (along with my beautious small wonders of course!) I read all three of my Mother's Day books in Tuesday and Wednesday... the first three books in the series.  I enjoyed the Books so much better than the HB0 series, True Blood.  I am going to start trying to watch it again though. :)

I've created 4 layouts so far with the Timeless Daydreams Blissful Sunset May kit.

It really goes a long way.. and I have plenty for another layout or two, or cards... I can only share 3 layouts right now... and I'll show you a sneak of the other at the bottom....  I won't be sharing it until after the 23rd. ;)

Yeah.. my Doug hates mowing and weedeating ;)
Spin & Twirl
LOVE the jillibean corrugated alpha in this kit.. and couldn't see wasting ANY of that!
Hard Rock in dc.

There is this honkin huge flower on a sheet of Kaisercraft pp in the kit.. it's so dreamy and I had to cut it out and scrunch it up a bit for this layout.

... this layout.. made me happy. It has a, oh wait.. I can't reveal it all yet.

Oh yeah, and in exciting news... check out the Timeless Daydreams forum or blog to see how YOU could be our next Contest Coordinator. It's a staff position and totally worth checking out.  I love working with Michele and Dolores!

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