Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pass the tissue

When I'm sick I don't much feel like doing anything except trying to get over being sick. Well, all that changed today when hubby dug out the iPad he brought home from work to check out his facebook Stuff. He's been sick too. I am pretty amazed I can be lying here in bed, accepting facebook gifts, watching Lost, and updating my blog all while feeling like lukewarm dookie from the comfort of my own bed. I have the iPhone and can basically do the something, but the speed is much faster on this iPad, and I don't have to zoom in on the screen to see what I'm doing. Plus the keyboard is actually large enough to cover a fingertip, and I can feel like I'm almost typing with 4 fingers on this gadget. Pretty nifty, I don't know if this is something I would ask for for Christmas or not, but I'm seriously thinking about it.

I think the only thing I'm really missing on here is a good flash player, and the ability to take some photos...why not? ;)

Wish me and the hubs better, and Happy Memorial Day to all our soldiers.
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