Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

You know, I really am quite upset... I didn't get ONE single photo yesterday on Mother's Day. I'm contemplating what it is I'm going to do to document this event this year. I could always let the journaling be the focus on my layout... but I'm a picture happy kinda gal, so that doesn't really appeal to me. My children always make me a lot of homemade cards and drawings, so I'm thinking a two page spread with pockets to hold their art in is the way to go. I'm not a two page scrapper though. It's difficult for me to make both pages look cohesive and fluid with one another. Something I'm ok with not perfecting, but I really would like to LIKE the finished project.  I'll be working on this soon. Cameron made me a great worm buddy for Mothers Day too.. so I'm thinking he will be a great embellishment on the layouts.

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. I've been keeping late busy nights each night of the week.. mainly helping out my Mama. She's having marriage difficulty which saddens me. I'm not going into details, but Doug and I have 'been there' for her as she's asked for it. The nice thing is the kids are seeing more of their Grandma, and Grandma appears more relaxed and peaceful. 

Mom and I had planned to go buy some Strawberries from Scott's Strawberry farm on Saturday, and it ends up all the kids (and Doug too) wanted to go. Ok.. but all we are doing is buying a flat or two of strawberries!  They had fun picking out the boxes with the prettiest berries in there. When we got back to town, Katelyn stayed over at Grandma's house to help clean up a bit, and I came home to make my Mama something for Mother's Day.

She has mentioned a few days ago that she'd like a collage when I had time to make one. I dug through my stash looking for a shadowbox or a small canvas. Nope. Only thing I had was this monstrous 18 x 24" canvas. I don't even remember the original idea I was going use it for, but it became apparent at 1pm Saturday, that time was slipping away from me, and I had to act fast.

Who knew painting random spots of color on a canvas would be relaxing?
If I wasn't stressed about different deadlines I had to meet, I would have been floating along the clouds with my happy paint covered hands.
 I loved the final result, and so did Doug. I think a trip is in store to Michaels soon for more canvases.

My mom flipped over it. She totally thought I had forgot, and wants another one because on auto pilot, I forgot my sweet adoring husband in the photos. I also made her a card and it made her cry, which made me cry... she's such a good mama.

Doug made us dinner with help from mom and I. We had liver and onions, mashed potatoes, spinach salad, and for dessert we had Strawberry Shortcake. yumm!

Doug and the kids bought me 3 Sookie Stackhouse books, and a super cool rolling scrap cart. I love it, because on late nights I have deadlines, I can roll it to the bedroom and watch TV with Doug while being productive at the same time.

Its a good life, and I'm so thankful I'm not home alone to live it.

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