Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still raining here

but that can't put a damper on my spirits. I actually LOVE a good thunderstorm.. as long as I don't have to go out in it. Batten down the hatches, curl up on the bed with a good show like Lost, and some hot cocoa and a baby or two snuggled up to me, and I'm a happy girl.  Samantha, Cameron, and I have been snuggling in the afternoons this past week since its been raining so much here. It's been nice.

One thing I've been doing today is looking for new photoshop actions. I'm seriously addicted to these things, and it really takes the thinking process out of editing my photos. I'm lazy, what can I say? It's easy to just load an action up, click a button, and presto chango, your photo is edited.  The last year or so a lot of people have been digging the Polaroid photos. I found a gem this morning.

Original SOOC

Polaroid 600 expired with blue tint - I think it looks so retro and fun.
It takes a good minute or so to process, but so worth it.

Originial SOOC

I used Polaroid type 600 vivid with a red tint around 75%.
 Aren't they lovely?  I believe you'll be seeing some Polaroid love on some scrapbook pages soon. ♥

The maker of this action (*rawaction) actually leaves the layers open, so you can play with things like color tint, noise, texture, etc. I only checked two out and rushed over here to post about it... if you'd like this one for yourself, head HERE. I know it works in PS CS4.

Happy rainy Thursday to you!
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  1. How fun to play around with the pictures. I am so challenged when it comes to doing anything to complicated.
    Love both the pictures.

  2. I just got photoshop and am loving this particular look! Thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome girl!!! one of these days ps will be in my budget!


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