Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a weekend!

I'm not used to being busy, playing outside in Mother Natures' world for that long of a time... but my kids ate it up and slept in until 7:30 this morning. A new world record in the Crowe children. Sore muscles from running all over this huge park Saturday. They have like 10 tennis courts, a pond where there was like one duck in it, a covered picnic area with a fireplace, tons of open space for riding your bike or running around, and a playground for the little ones. We were there at Landon's (1st)birthday party for about 3 hours, and I would say for 2:45 minutes, we were chasing kids, and running around the whole park. Fun, but crazy tired. lol
at the park
I brought my camera and did not hardly get any photos. Maybe 5... so dissappointed, but my two littles ones just kept us slammed... no time to pick up the camera... no cute photos of Landon with BLUE icing all over his little face... hopefully I can get a copy from my aunt.. I think she took a ton on her camera.
Nick, another cuz came home and spent the night with us. Aunt & Uncle came over last night and played marbles with us too... had been awhile since we had done that, was so much fun. Nick went home today (Sunday) and Doug had some side work to do on a friends computer... so I layed down when the kids did come naptime. We woke up from our naps and decided to make the homemade toilet paper pots for planting our veggies and flowers in.
The kids really had a great time spooning the soil in the pots and planting.... especially Samantha and Katelyn. Cameron probably would have had a great time if I continued to let him eat the dirt or throw it on the floor in piles! lol
Planting veggies
We went to K-mart this evening to look at little swing sets. Would not believe how long we had to wait for a person to come help us. Eventually, we ended up contacting the customer service desk, because it seemed like the Employess in that area was just a-wall after trying to reach him through intercom & walky talky. The manager was not pleasant nor apologetic... we did not end up buying a swing set there. So, off to check out the other K-mart this week, and maybe Lowes & Home Depot for the sets you build yourself. all & all, it was a fun weekend where we feel closer with our children.


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes you are having so much fun o get so busy that you forget the pictures, i had my son here this weekend and only took 45 pics i should have taken 200

  2. how great! I love the potting you had going on, so jealous cos I have NO green thumb! TY for the comment about the better looking one...I hate when they are told how they look alike, I cringe.

  3. Hey, we've all had those "Omg, I didn't take any PICTURES!" moments...I'll bet your aunt will be able to hook you up. And if not, you at least have this blog to keep the day fresh in your memory, right? :)

    One thing I don't get you're saying it's NOT good to eat dirt? lol

  4. sOUNDS like a great Saturday!Leah cool idea with the planting!i SO don't have a green thumb (more like black)i try and kill everything!

  5. Great idea about using toilet paper rolls for seed starting. Your park sounds wonderful! 10 tennis courts?!! I'd be in heaven!

  6. looks like everyone had a blast leah! good for you on getting those seeds potted!!! :) cute pics!


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