Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did u fool anyone today?

April Fools
So, have you pranked anyone today?
I thought real carefully about letting loose on Doug.. like at 1am, get in his car and park it around the block. LMAO He's been so stressed the last two weeks at work though, I'm sure that would have had his heart pounding a bit too much.

This messy little boy has been pulling his diaper off lately. It's been crazy.. say up to 5 times a day!! Each time, I try to take him to the potty when I notice, to see if he'll go. (no, he doesn't) It was the funniest damn thing a few minutes ago.

Cameron had taken off his diaper again. I walked by and saw his diaper on the floor. "Cameron, c'mere son, Let's get this diaper back on you!"
Samantha walks up and said, "hehehehe Cameron pulls on his penis and it GROWS!"

ROFL - no foolin'! ayiyiyi
...what next? lol


  1. that card is beautiful!

  2. you'll appreciate this... so I'll share it here...
    My hubby said- (after I read your post update title...)
    "If you pull it, he will come..."
    The joy of boys.
    Did I mention I have three!?!?

  3. That is so funny! That made me smile this morning , thanking Myself that I have no boys , to wonder if they will walk around pull on there tinkie! Savanna she is in that stage where she walks around pulling off her diaper , but the pull ups are to big for her and panties are way huge on her, dont know what we are going to do , but make her own.!!
    Love the layout! love the cute monkey paper!!

  4. Hey Leah!
    Just wondering if you have any layouts about your hubby and his mates for our Mates comp due on the 7th of April. If you do I would love to see it!
    Gayle Smith


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