Saturday, April 19, 2008

altered tray

WOW. Where the heck have I been? Can't believe I haven't updated this blog of mine in over a week. Life has been super busy lately. Monday Katelyn had to go to the doc, the bottom of her heel had been hurting for over 2 weeks.. doc said nothing is broken or fractured, must just be agitated so she is take to take Motrin 3x a day for 1 week. Damn half the time we've forgotten to take it. ugh.

Wednesday I had to get an emergency dental appt. Had a wisom tooth pulled. Can't believe there was hardly any pain after the numbing stuff wore off. That dentist prescribes vicoden... easily. Seems funny to me, but maybe I just have a high threshold for pain? lol

Wednesday night I went to wallyworld to pick up some things. Took the kids with me and 1/3 of the way through our trip, Katelyn tried to give Samantha a piggy back ride. Sam wanted none of it and asked to get down. Katie put her down and Sam started crying saying her wrist hurt. She went to bed saying it hurt, would NOT move her arm at all. Woke up crying cuz her wrist still hurt. I fed her breakfast... seriously, spoon fed her.. lol and then put her on the couch. She did not budge all day long. Crying, wouldn't move her arm. Even took her to McD's to get nuggest, still protested not wanting to go, or move her arm. Put the kids down for a nap, when she got up, still crying it hurt. by 4pm I figure I should call the doc. They had us come in for 5:30.

We get there she wants me to carry her in.. do that. Check in and we're taken back almost immediately. The on call doc was there and came in. Demonstrated how samantha was put down in the store when her wrist started hurting, then he checked her out. He touched her wrist, "Does this hurt? this?" Sam just has this WEIRD smilish face with her tongue sticking out at an odd angle.. NOPE doesn't HURT! I'm ALL BETTER now!

grrrrrrrr I have a faker on my hands.

This post is worthless without photos.. so here's more work with April's tallykit.

altered wooden tray that the circle alpha come packaged in.

Ok.. time to fix some lunch!


  1. Love your "faker" story. I don't have kids, but I can just imagine your face when she smiled and said it didn't hurt. I am also SOOO glad your tooth extraction went smoothly. I know how it feels when it doesn't. Have a great day!

  2. ooooooooh!!! wow... that's a story alright! wow! lol-i guess thats what i have to look forward too!

  3. lol on the faker! um your altered tray is simply amazing! i love when you make mini book type stuff, you should enter all of it!

  4. your work makes me swoon

  5. these are gorgeous!! :)

  6. Don't you HATE when kids do that! LOL...tooo funny! Love the work your doing! Great stuff!


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