Thursday, April 3, 2008

I need answers.. WWYD?

We're going to pretend this is a hypothetical situation, ok?

Say at your place of business, you are head of a dept. In said dept, your responsibilites are huge right now, because you are down one person from being fired two weeks ago, (so it is now only you.) You've been busting your ass and notice in your boss' inbox two emails. Ok, so maybe you shouldn't be looking while working on the problem at hand... but you open it.

In one email, a coworker had cc'd your boss, and sent you the email saying thanks for a great job done. Your boss then forwards that email on to another person (a different peer) and says, take a look at this. Peer replies back, "makes me want to puke."

2nd email - company wide email had been sent out from your boss, because the sister company was not following chain of command. ie.. coming to you so you can handle problems. Instead they are going to your boss and your boss' boss to try and resolve any problems that your dept. handles. (In other words, they do not call on the dept. It's almost like a conspiracy to get you in trouble since the other person was fired two weeks ago.) One peer on your level responded back, "I miss you", your boss replied back, "I'm tired of being mister make everyone feel good C.F.O.... SO & SO (you) needs to go back to kindergarten... and learn how to play in the sandbox...."

Now, you obviously can't say anything, because you shouldn't have been reading the emails in the first place. But.. why would a CFO of the company (your manager) be sending emails out like this, and shitting on you in such a way? You don't kiss ass, you give your job 110% of your attention, are good at what you do, and multi-task like nobody's business. YOU had thought your boss was a good guy until seeing the emails. What would you do??? You've not done anything to warrant this childishness, so it makes no sense. Feel free to email me HERE, or respond in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. Could be just sassy talk, and not anything serious...people say things in private that don't carry any weight, just vetching at each other.

    Kinda unfortunate that he saw will be hard to be business as usual after that. I guess I'd look for a new job elsewhere NOW because clearly he's not appreciated.

  2. I'd go to HR. Anything in email is subject to search by the company and the boss could get in big trouble for saying those things. And if the other worker was fired previously, it is a good chance they are looking hard at the dept. I'd go straight to HR, explain the situation, and explain that you are worried about your own job.

  3. OMG Leah. this is AWFUL.this is not appropriate in anyway. I would look for another job and get the hell out there, no job is worth that. get out while you can still get a good reference. ugh. I'm so sorry!

  4. Leah so frustrating all the BS crap at work!!My Doug is the same way always working his a$$ off and than gets 'crapped' on!doesn't make sense!Good luck to Doug & I!

  5. This sounds so very similar to what's happened and is still happening to my dh at his job. He's looking for other work, but it's tough because he's the main breadwinner/insurance carrier. It's just a stressful situation! In this hypothetical, I'd try my hardest to find another job, right away! (((HUGS))))

  6. so i would try and get evidence and head to the complaint dept. or the union or whatever it is that looks out for the employees...what an ass!


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