Tuesday, February 26, 2008

4.5 hours in the ER last night...

we are home.

Cameron fell yesterday, put both, top and bottom teeth through his bottom lip. Top teeth went through on the outside below his lip, and the bottom teeth went in a ways on the inside of his lip. At first, I couldn't tell that. Called our family doctor and they said take him to the ER. I called Doug and he rushed home. Cam quit crying like 5 minutes after it happened. Got him dressed with shoes, and gave him some tylenol for the pain. Doug got home and we went to the hospital.

They got us in there pretty quickly, and it was a full house. The doctor finally came in and took a look. At first he wasn't going to do stitches, was going to do some type of glue thing. They cleaned his lip up again and it was deeper than he initially thought. He said the best way to put the stitches in was to use Ketamine(sp?) - it's a sedative that takes effect in about 5 minutes, and starts wearing off (the numbing effects) in about 10-15 minutes. Plenty of time to pop some stitches in.

Once we decided on how we were going to proceed, the doctor took off... for 50 minutes. By that time the tylenol was wearing off, Cameron was in so much pain. I have to mention, he is such a trooper. A real rough n tough type of kid. He hardly ever cries when he's in pain, just takes it. It about killed me listening to him cry the last 30 minutes before the doctor came back. Finally, they were moving.

Gave my boy that shot and had oxygen blowing in his face and gosh.. it was breaking my heart. He didn't go under completely, it was like he was sleeping awake. They said he could hear us, but wouldn't feel the pain. In total he had 3 stitches on the outside below the bottom lip, and one dissolveable stitch on the inside. It was just horrible watching my baby get stitches, and see fresh blood from the suture being made...
and watching him try to come out of the sedation... it was horrible. He had the shakes wear his body was fighting the sleepiness.... the best words in the word was when he croaked out, mama.

He gets the stitches out thursday or friday. I have to call and make the appointment today. Poor kids didn't get in bed until about 10:30pm. We were all exhausted. Thankfully, Cameron did not have night terrors, which is a side effect of the sadative he was given.
Thankful for many things this morning...
I have more hugs n sugars to give out.


  1. {{{HUGS}}}

    That poor baby!!

  2. oh my goodness! poor little thing! i hope your little baby recovers soon!!

  3. Poor Cameron!! Glad he's okay!

  4. Omg, poor little bitty guy! Our baby girl had to have stitches in her head when she was 3, so I'm familiar with that ER visit....so glad he's fixed up now!

  5. Poor guy!! We've been to facialstitchesland, it's not fun at ALL.

  6. awwweee poor baby!
    hope he starts feeling better and keeps us posted!!

  7. Omg Leah....what a terrible accident for your little one to go through...poor baby!!! Will keep you guys in my prayers.

  8. Aww that poor baby, it hurts just looking at it. Big Hugs to you sweetie.


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