Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did you know...

that Miley Cyrus isn't her real name???
It's Destiny Hope Cyrus. She was nicknamed Miley by her dad, because she smiled a lot when she was younger. A cute nickname.. but I was surprised to learn this the other day.

In other news, I woke up this morning and went into my sun-room and could smell the smoke from the fires behind us. It was quite unnerving to smell the smoke inside of my house. We have been getting rain/freezing rain since last night, so hopefully that is aiding the Firemen in putting out the fire... or at least getting it contained. We had several fires pop up in Virginia since Sunday morning because of the high winds we had here. The one in Roanoke Country where I live is only about a mile from my house... still scared we'll be asked to evacuate. See, I have this fear of fires..

School is two hours late because of the freezing rain, which has changed over to just rain since it is now 33 outside.

I got some cute shots of the dogs the other morning.. can't wait to scrap them

the flash hurts my eyes ma!
Domino was squinting her eyes while I was taking pics.. so darn cute!

I'm sleepy
This is Weiner, my shar pei. Doesn't she resemble an old lady laughing without her teeth in? haha

OH.. I am so STOKED!
I actually made it to Round 2 over @ CoordinatesCollections in their contest, Scrapping with the Stars. I didn't think I had a chance considering I only had 2 votes for each layout. I'm going to work on these today. We have to scrap resembling Elsie Flannigan and CC's own Mimi Schramm. I can do Elsie, but Mimi's style I'm going to have trouble with.... this is such a cool contest... wish me luck!

I haven't scrapped much lately, and most of you have seen this already..
This is my layout for SCRAPVIVOR over @ Tallyscrappers.
Your CHALLENGE is to create:
a layout in the shape of an antique label
with a found item
hand journaling
a metal object
one photo
Brain Freeze
Have a happy humpday!


  1. that would make me nervous if fires weren't far too! i hope they are out by now! love the pics of the pups...too cute!

  2. Your doggies are tooooo cute! I am sorry about the fires, I didnt even know that was an issue in VA. Congrats on making 2nd round in the contest!!!

  3. Looks like we are in the same boat I haven't scrapped in a good week!LOVE the LO Leah perfect!Congrats on the contest you ROCK girl!hope the fires die out QuicKLy!
    Kyle say the picture of Weiner and said what is that a walrus!!ROFL

  4. whoo hoo! You will rock round 2 woman. You are fabulous.

    Your puppies are just the cutest. They look so lovable.

  5. hmmm..interesting, so she really has 3 names. I'm going to start calling her Destiny Miley Montana...hehe. have a good weekend!

  6. Love your LO! And what kind of dog is Domino? Adorable!


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