Thursday, February 7, 2008

mini paper bag coupon album

that's a mouthful.

Doug, if you are reading this, or at flickr.. stop now. You are going to ruin your suprise!! LOL

Supply list:

  • 3 paper bags. Mine are smallish that came in a kit from last year.
    measurements are 6 3/4 x 3 1/2
  • pattern paper (I used Sassafras Lass, Around the Block, & Ki Memories)
  • ink and stapler
  • embellishments of your choice
  • cardstock cut 6 x 3 1/4 (6 of these or more if you want!)
  • brads & ribbon
  • glimmer mist
  • adhesive of choice (I use Scotch ATG gun)
  • --you can click on any of the photos that are cut off, to see them full size at flickr

When I first started getting the bags ready for decorating, I was spraying the glimmer mist on the bags, drying them with my heat tool, and the flipping. (Which is the first step. Spray the glimer mist on the bags, holding it 6-8 inches away from the bag. Make sure you have scraps of paper, or newspaper underneath to catch the misting.)LRC_step2LRC_step3

DUH! It is MUCH easier to open the bags up as shown here, then spray to your hearts content. Once it has dried, then flip over to spray the bottom.LRC_step1

I sped up the drying process by using my heat tool. Using that it probably saved me 15 minutes or so.


Now, decorate the bags. I cut my pattern paper 5 1/2 x 3, sometimes adding matting or cute little borders before gluing it to the bag. You could also add machine stitching as nice touch.
Here are mine decorated:


Time to put them together. Grab the bottoms (the opposite end of the bag opening) and fold together. Do this for all three bags. Stack them in the order of your choosing.

Grab the inside flaps and pinch together, leaving one flap open in the front, and the back.


Now staple. I used two.

Now you are left with those flaps. Grab some ribbon and adhesive. Put a couple lines of adhesive down on the flap. Now, grab your ribbon. I used 2 inch pieces of ribbon and laid them down on the adhesive. You can also layer flowers to hang off the edge a bit if you want.

Once you're done putting your ribbon on, place more adhesive over the top, and push down to adhere the flap to the stapled piece. Do this for the front, and back flap.
This accomplishes two things.
  1. Hides the ugly blue staples (haha)
  2. and lets you add beautiful ribbon easily.

Yours should look something like this.
Now, to the coupons.
Grab your cardstock, ink it, bling it, whatever.
Write your messages of love on there.
Here's a sample one.
I didn't bother making them look too fancy. Punch a hole in there, add ribbon and a brad, and my message.. viola! done. I figure once they are redeemed, they'll just be thrown away anyways... and Doug will still have his mini album of us :)
Once you've decorated them all, slip them in the front of the bag. I put two in each bag.
One facing the front, the other facing the other side when you turn the page.
Now, decorate and add photos to the inside of the album. (I still need to finish this part)
Here's my front and back now.



Let me know if you make one!
TFL, Leah!


  1. this is freakin cute!!
    I am so going to try this , you made it seem so simple... Of course I dont have a heat gun thingy but still love your instructions..
    I will ppost mine when I do one and let you know! thanks!

  2. SO cute and SO easy!!!!! great idea!

    AND love your song!

  3. Oh, seriously... CUTE!
    I need to make this, once I find a place that lets me buy paper baggies *grumble*.
    Sweden's a bit behind on the paper bag bit! ;)

  4. Leah you freaking ROCK girl!love bag idea!see if i have any left? see if i can get it done this week super cute!

  5. cute!! Now I need to stop and get me some bags...I want to make one the step by step directions too...and I never thought of using that glimmer mist...on one...TFS

  6. love that album....where did you get those smaller bags???
    Call me silly...but I thought I already had you as one of my peeps on my blog....I know I have you on my googlereader! anyway, you are there now...good luck on my drawing..

  7. I love this project! It is gorgeous! And I love the detailed directions! You rock!

    Your hubby will love this gift!

  8. What a gorgeous project!! love it!

  9. Great idea for valentines. Love it.

  10. Oh, this project is so super adorable! A great idea for so many holidays and gift-giving are so frickin' creative!!

    I had to stop by and let you know you're in my scary that the fires are so close to you! I'm just so worried about you. Do you have a safe place to get to?

  11. SO cute!! What a cute idea, Leah!

  12. how awesome of you to take the time to post all of the directions. I think you are now, officially my new scrap HERO!!!

  13. Leah, that is awesome! What a neat idea.

  14. Wow Miss Leah - this is just gorgeous. Totally love your blog.


  15. NEXT TIME you have a SMOKIN' little how to, you NEED to let me know so I can tag you to blog it on Tally!!! Really. I think this should be there.

  16. TOO adorable!!! I MUST make one! very awesome!

  17. Had been searching for the keyword CouponAlbum, when this link came in search result. Opened it with anxiety and saw something which I shall admit IS FREAKING COOL. Would touch bottom of heart of your loved one instantly. :)


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